About the team

Attila Gáti

Attila Gáti has been working as an algorithm developer in the field of image processing and computer vision since 2008. He earned his PhD in informatics in 2013. He began caving in the same year. Soon, he became interested in the problem of surface reconstruction concerning 3D cave surveying.

Zsombor Fekete

Hydrogeologist engineer and currently PhD student. Caving since early 2013. Main caving activities includes exploration, hydrological studies and 3D cave survey using the PMLS.

Péter Sűrű

Drover and organizer. Environmental engineer who is caving since the early 2000's. Main activities are cave exploration, and cave survey, especially in 3D.


Imre Balogh
Kamilla Borzsák
Edit Harangozó
Beat Heeb
Balázs Holl
Richard Kovács
Fanni Matuszka
József Mészáros
Magdolna Novák
András Rántó
Eszter Szabó
Réka Veres

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