DistoX2 Firmware Version 2.5 extended with continuous/scanning mode

In late August a new firmware had been released by Beat Heeb for the DistoX2 device. This firmware (available from paperless.bheeb.ch) does not include the continuous/scanning mode, which is useful for PMLS. The one including this feature may be downloaded here. It is an extended version of the firmware version 2.5, also provided by Beat Heeb.

Note that the new firmware (version 2.5) have not been tested extensively by the PMLS team. If any problem occurs, you may try the previous (version 2.4) firmware which also offers the continuous mode.

For installation instructions see the Update Manual in the package.

To start the continuous measurement/scanning mode, press the DIST and PLUS buttons simultaneously for about 1 second. To stop the scanning press the DIST button once.

Warning: Opening and modifying a Leica Disto will void the manufacturer’s warranty and is done at your own risk!
The package is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. In no event shall the author or publisher be liable for any damages.
The package is made available for download with permission of the author.

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