Oct 28, 2016

Short progress report 2016.10.28.

As presented on Eurospeleo 2016, some version of the software facilitating the use of PMLS method is ready. It may be considered a “proof of concept” or “in development” version intended for testing and further development. As we receive many mails asking about it, we plan to make it public in the first half of November.

Current work until it include:

  • write some “starting point” documentation including the steps of the adventurous installation, theoretical “whitepaper” and step-by-step tutorial on usage
  • check what the license of the currently included function libraries allow for us
  • testing of the installation process on several computers, including freshly installed system
  • some minor changes of the code
  • etc.

Preliminary we may draw attention that the current version relies on Matlab (2015a or newer) and Blender.

Thank you for your interest, hope you will find it useful and occasionally some of you will even contribute to the development. There are many things to be done until we may consider it “ready”.