This site presents a new method of 3D cave survey, being developed by a small team of cavers. You may find a few examples of our results in the „Surveys” section.

The point of the method is to create a reliable 3D model of the „cave space” based on data acquired using a simple and affordable survey technique. The results may be similar to that of a laser scanner (TLS) survey.

Our final goal is to create a small software package which will make the method available for anyone interested. A continuous development in data pre-processing, processing and visualization also takes place, as the project evolves.


Recent updates:

Jul 26, 2016
Category: General
Posted by: zsombor

Attila Gáti (core developer) will talk about the method and the data processing software being developed. The abstract is available on the website of the 5th European Speleological Congress: http://eurospeleo.uk/presentations/session.php?id=169

Oct 12, 2015
Category: General
Posted by: admin

A poster about the method had been presented in the poster section of 23rd International Karstological School (2015, Postojna). It is made available to download here.